Mandate Radio: Ep. 126 (3/2/2016)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 126 (3/2/2016)

Happy Wednesday!  Let’s talk business, and by business I mean games!  This week Fitz brings up a blast from the past in the form of Empire: Total War while Pete keeps current and talks about Street Fighter V fight pads, Stardew Valley, SUPERHOT, and more.  Frank then brings his early musings on Unravel to bear.  Then, in a dazzling Frank’s Fabulous Finds, Frank shares links to a Rubik’s Cube you can play with, a utility that lets you search Hillary’s emails, and a treasure trove of knee-slappingly funny Victorian era jokes.  Jolly good show!  And finally, in another installment of Halfhearted Game Show Theater, Pete and FItz square off to see who best knows the Best Selling Games on the PS2!  Come on in, sit right down, baby let your Mandate Radio hang down.

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