Mandate Radio: Ep. 131 (4/6/2016)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 131 (4/6/2016)


Happy Wednesday everybody!  In this triumphal Mandate Radio Frank, Pete, and Fitz talk games! Fitz talks about his time with Rising Tide, the DLC for Beyond Earth.  Frank continues to gush about Chrono Trigger as he comes to the realization that he might not actually like video games.  And putting the team on his back as usual, Pete talks about Hyper Light Drifter, finishing Salt and Sanctuary, and a curious app from Nintento called Miitomo.  Then, in Frank’s Fabulous Finds, Frank shares links to a logo creator, a search engine that tells you how many people share your name in the USA, and a YouTube video that features a stunning mix of Chrono Trigger and Jay Z.  It’s dope. And then, in a glorious and poetic Rando segment, the guys get their beat poet on as they listen to the musings of a machine. It gets weird.


A Farm in Connecticut

I like cancer to their bones

The sky is crumbling in
Roaring through my head
I like cancer to their bones
Please smile, smile when you think about me
Liars anagram is “lairs”
Everything’s helter-skelter

And darkness fell upon our people

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