Mandate Radio: Ep. 135 (5/4/2016)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 135 (5/4/2016)

Happy Wednesday and welcome to Mandate Radio!  This week the guys talk about all kinds of nonsense like slinkys (they’re great!).  Games are also on the menu, and the guys share their experiences with Duelyst and Dark Souls III.  Then, in Frank’s Fabulous Finds, Frank shares links to a tool that tells you how long it will take to read a book, a unique dictionary and thesaurus, and a website that lets you listen to the endless murmurs of the deep ocean. Spooky! And finally, in a Rando segment fit for the dumpster, the guys find out what their superpowers are as well as what animal they are when they’re mad.  Fitz is actually two animals, but whatever. Woohoo! Mandate Radio!

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