Mandate Radio: Ep. 143 (6/29/16)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 143 (6/29/16)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Pete and Fitz are all alone this week as Frank fulfills dark obligations that should be unspoken. So, in lieu of Frank, Pete and Fitz talk about games, politics, weddings, and more games! Fitzy starts off by bringing us some talk about ‘Total War: Warhammer’ and the interesting factions involved and Pete once again almost admits to trying a strategy game. The guys then again talk about ‘Overwatch’. Pete then talks about a few games including ‘Outlast’, ‘Space Run Galaxy’, and ‘Darkest Dungeon’. In news the guys discuss ‘Overwatch’ becoming the most popular game in Korea and Brexitting. Finally, in rando, Fitz and Pete recall some of their favorite games from each genre.

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