Mandate Radio: Ep. 146 (7/20/2016)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 146 (7/20/2016)

Happy Wednesday everybody and welcome to Mandate Radio! Sorry the puttcast is going up a day late. I had to celebrate a very special day with a certain somebody named Charlie. This week, Pete talks Inside and Furi while Frank and Fitz sit dumbfounded, wondering about why the goo in lava lamps floats. Next, in Frank’s Fabulous Finds, Frank shares links to a web app that will colorize black and white photos, a way to finally compare apples and oranges, and a tool that helps you find a McRib. Delish! And finally, in a very game show Rando, Fitz quizzes Frank and Pete about life, love, rap, and celebrities. Oh, Google. you are a wonderful beast.

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