Mandate Radio: Ep. 157 (9/28/2016)

Happy Wednesday everybody! This week it’s just Frank and Fitz and things are short, sweet, and beautiful. Frank and Fitz talk about their lone game of Dota, whether or not Lethal League is good, and Total War: Warhammer. Next in Frank’s Fabulous Find, the guys take a look at Sean Connery’s personal webpage. It is a thing to behold. And finally, in a very morbid Rando segment, Fitz tries his darndest to guess whether celebrities are alive or dead. Give a hoot! Listen to this poop!



During the quiz game we said that Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney were still alive. Sadly, they both had passed away in 2014. The quiz we were taking was from 2013. We apologize for any confusion.

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