Mandate Radio: Ep. 181 (3/15/17)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 181 (3/15/17)

Happy Wednesday everyone! The podcast is up a day late and it’s Pete’s fault. He had two glasses of gin, which is apparently too much now because he’s a total ninny now. But regardless, the boys are back for another week. With Frank taking the week off due to a continued inability of the guys to mesh schedules, it’s just Pete and Fitz this week. Pete talks about looking for jobs and Fitz talks about going to Florida. Then, in games, Pete and Fitz discuss Faster Than Light and more Zelda. In news, the guys talk about the major storm media lies, but Pete isn’t having it. And finally, in rando, the guys talk about books that they enjoyed recently. All that and more on Mandate Radio!

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