Mandate Radio: Ep. 271 (12/5/2018)

  Mandate Radio: Ep. 271 (12/5/2018) Them boys is back with another Mandate Radio. They talk Civilization: Gathering Storm, Red Dead Redemption 2, and have a long discussion about Artifact, the new card game from Valve. Then, in rando, the boys talk about holiday season drinking.

Mandate Radio: Ep. 261 (09/26/18)

  Mandate Radio: Ep. 261 (9/26/2018) Hi everyone it’s Pete and this is Mandate Radio. I am joined by Fitz and we’re talking about all kinds of things. We’re talking daily routines, getting drunk on weekdays, taking ludes, playing Fifa, becoming the greatest basketball player in the world and much more. We even talk about…

Mandate Radio: Ep. 256 (8/22/2018)

  Mandate Radio: Ep. 256 (8/22/2018) Yo yo yo it’s a Fitz and Pete cast coming at you! They’re slinging rhymes, nihilism, jokes, and sick video game commentary. But not really. Cause it’s apparently the perfect week for board games. Also, Dota is used as a cultural lynchpin. And Twinkles the street dancer arrives on…

Mandate Radio: Ep. 253 (8/1/2018)

  Mandate Radio: Ep. 253 (8/1/2018) Happy Wednesday everyone! and welcome back to Mandate Radio. My name is Pete and I’m here with Fitz. This week we’re talking about depression, world issues, Fitz’s move, Monster Hunter, Assassins Creed, other games, and way more. It’s a wild and insane ride through a landscape that only becomes…

Mandate Radio: Ep. 244 (5/30/18)

Mandate Radio: Ep. 244 (5/30/2018) Pete and Fitz are here to talk about stuff! Pete moved and didn’t have time to play games but the guys talk Fifa and Shadow of the Colossus. Then, in rando, a Cavs player joins Fitz to talk about his vital role in the NBA playoffs.

Mandate Radio: Ep. 242 (5/16/2018)

Mandate Radio: Ep. 242 (5/16/2018) Happy Wednesday Everyone! Fitz and Pete are here to talk about many things, like Tony Rizzo, Pete’s phone call with a sports radio show, Oxenfree, and Overwatch. Then, in rando, the dudes just kind of chat about music and the Spacebar.