Mandate Radio: Ep. 160 (10/19/2016)

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s Pete and Fitz! With Frank out on midterms duty Pete and Fitz must trudge on through the deluge of video games. The guys start with a rousing 20 minutes of small talk about Fitz’s face, Lagunitas Brewery, Chicago, and travel. Fitz then talks a bit about Cities Skylines and the struggles…


Pete Reviews – Abzu

Baasvik is here to take a steaming crap on Abzu and tell you why this isn’t necessarily the proper use of the video game medium. There are some skits, and some boring stuff about video games. But there are skits.


Mandate Radio: Ep. 148 (8/3/16)

  Mandate Radio: Ep. 148 (8/3/16) Happy Wednesday everyone! and welcome to another week of Mandate Radio. Pete and Fitz are at the reigns with Frank out sick. The guys chat Radiohead, Montreal, and dig into Frank’s days of Raconteuring. Then, in the games section of the podcast, Pete and Fitz talk about Keep Talking…

Baasvik Reviews QC

Pete Reviews- Quadrilateral Cowboy

Baasvik is back after a mental hiatus to bely you with a review on a hacking game from Blendo Games called Quadrilateral Cowboy. Typical self-deprecation and skits are here. As well as wonderfully thought-out improvised dialogue.