TW Warhammer

Mandate Radio: Ep. 143 (6/29/16)

  Mandate Radio: Ep. 143 (6/29/16) Happy Wednesday Everyone! Pete and Fitz are all alone this week as Frank fulfills dark obligations that should be unspoken. So, in lieu of Frank, Pete and Fitz talk about games, politics, weddings, and more games! Fitzy starts off by bringing us some talk about ‘Total War: Warhammer’ and…


Pete Reviews- 5 Games in 5 Minutes

Baasvik is a speedrunning reviewer in this week’s Baasvik Reviews. He takes a look at some of the early in the year games he didn’t get a chance to review. Come join in on this perilous adventure. And if you like the video, make sure to Like and Subscribe.

Corn Field

Mandate Radio: Ep. 140 (6/8/2016)

Mandate Radio: Ep. 140 (6/8/2016) Your least favorite host Pete is here to berate his guest Fitz, who would be considered the co-host while Frank is out doing Computer things.  Meanwhile, Pete schools Fitz on life’s miseries, then the guys talk ‘The Wonderful End of the World’, ‘Dark Cloud’, and ‘Overwatch’. Then, in the much…

Pete Reviews- Uncharted 4

Baasvik is back for the cinematic thriller Uncharted 4.  He belittles the characters, talks about the death of big-budget thrillers, and tells you why Uncharted is important all from the comfort of his couch.