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Pete Reviews- Quadrilateral Cowboy

Baasvik is back after a mental hiatus to bely you with a review on a hacking game from Blendo Games called Quadrilateral Cowboy. Typical self-deprecation and skits are here. As well as wonderfully thought-out improvised dialogue.


Mandate Radio: Ep. 114 (12/9/2015)

    Mandate Radio: Ep. 114 (12/9/2015) Happy Wednesday Everyone!  Pete, Frank, and Fitz are here once again to spread the good word of video games!  This week, Frank talks about Kings’s Quest, Fitz wonders why Endless Legend doesn’t grab him harder, and Pete has given himself up to Bloodborne. Ohh sweet Pete.  Then in…


Mandate Radio: Ep. 113 (12/2/2015)

    Mandate Radio: Ep. 113 (12/2/2015) Happy Wednesday Everyone! Pete, Frank, and special guest Fitz are back to talk about all kinds of nonsense, including games!  This week, Pete talks about Pillars of Eternity and submits his final thoughts on Fallout 4 (if you want a more in depth examination of what Pete thinks,…


‘Fallout 4’ Review

I don’t often revisit games from my younger years. I often avoid them for a reason. It is not unlikely that in all of the years that have gone by I have become influenced by a wider-eyed version of me who found the years of 2007-2010 the most interesting in all of gaming. One of…


Mandate Radio: Ep. 112 (11/25/2015)

  Mandate Radio: Ep. 112 (11/25/2015)   Happy Wednesday Everyone! Pete and Frank are here to talk about Fibbage, Fallout 4, Drawful, and golden PS4s!  Then, in Frank’s Fabulous Finds, Frank shares a light bulb conspiracy, an explanation of that annoying thing rich girls do with their voice, and a set of comics that explain the…