Pete Plays Ares Omega (Part 1)

Baasvik tackles the mystery of Ares Omega and begins his new let’s play cataloging the adventures of spacemen time with guns. Nobody wins with robuts. The audio isn’t great in the beginning and Pete takes a long time to get going but it all works out in the end.

Pete Plays Street Fighter V- Ranked Ryu

Pete is back at Street Fighting fools as he takes on Ranked matchmaking. A bunch of Ryu matches take place and even a six game win-streak. The league points and fight money are quickly growing as Pete becomes the ultimate Street Fighter. Watch live at! Subscribe to Pete on his Youtube Channel.

Let’s Play Baldur’s Gate: Episode 3

Frank and Anthony return to lead the party to the Friendly Arm’s Inn.  Along their perilous path they meet all kinds of new friends, a couple of which decide to join their party!  There’s all kinds of crazy, including a red wizard and a gaping maw into the depths of hell! Woohoo!

Let’s Play Baldur’s Gate: Episode 1

Frank and Anthony are here to tackle Baldur’s Gate: The Original Saga, a game that has haunted Frank since childhood.  This game has piqued his interest and kicked his butt more times that he can count, but the tag-team powers of F and A cannot be stopped.  Special guest appearance by rap legend Ludacris!  …

Petey and Frank Play ‘The Stanley Parable’

Hey everybody! Check it out! Gather round! Come one come some! This week we have Petey and Frank playing ‘The Stanley Parable’. It’s Frank’s first time playing and needless to say he acts defiantly and shows some tendencies which have us all here worried about his safety. Watch and enjoy as Petey and Frank ponder…