Pete Reviews- Uncharted 4

Baasvik is back for the cinematic thriller Uncharted 4.  He belittles the characters, talks about the death of big-budget thrillers, and tells you why Uncharted is important all from the comfort of his couch.


’80 Days’ Review

There has always been something magical about choose-your-own adventure books. My first exposure was with the “Give Yourself Goosebumps” series and I remember flipping back pages because I had died in the story. The whole choose-your-own adventure thing had gone by the wayside as media advanced. There was a small niche of video games that…

It's All Over, Folks!

Review: Blackwell Epiphany

“I can’t believe it’s all over.”  That was the only thought my mind could produce after I finished Blackwell Epiphany from developer Wadjet Eye Games.  I was left confused, sad, happy, and a host of other things, but I knew one thing for sure: Epiphany is the intense, beautiful, and refined ending that Blackwell deserves.…


Role Play Your Way Through Prison in ‘Prisonscape’

Being in prison sure doesn’t seem glorious on the surface. Although I cannot truly be sure, I would bet it’s not a joyous event to be locked away with other people who are likely just as, if not more, dangerous than you are. But curiosity is a fascinating cat and I would like to fantasize…

The Blackwell Epiphany

Preview: Blackwell Epiphany

If you’re a die hard Mandate Radio fan, you’ve surely heard me gush about the Blackwell series from developer Wadjet Eye Games.  Being the resident adventure game/Blackwell expert, I was given the privilege of spending some quality time with a preview build of Blackwell Epiphany, the fifth and final installment in the series.  The game…