Indie Taste Test- ‘Castle’

[youtube]   Pete and Frank sit down with Castle and the fun doesn’t end when the fat lady sings. The fun just keeps going. Also, Frank Castle is the Punisher. Check out ‘Castle’ on Desura or get it from the ‘Castle’ Official Website! Then, if you like it, vote for it on Steam Greenlight. Check back Monday…

Indie Taste Test- ‘Powargrid’

Today on the Indie Taste Test, Pete checks out ‘Powargrid’, a browser-based turn-based strategy game. Pete shows you a skirmish of the game and manages to beat the easiest version of the computer. Apologies for the game audio. It got lost in the aether. Check out ‘Powargrid’ at the official website.

Indie Taste Test- ‘Sky Nations’

On todays Indie Taste Test, Pete plays ‘Sky Nations’, an open-world multiplayer sandbox game from developer Ben Johnson. He builds a ship, then an ice ship, and goes exploring through the games wondrous environments. You can take the time and go to the ‘Sky Nations’ Official Website. You can also check out the game on…

Indie Taste Test- ‘Lemma’

On this week’s Indie Taste Test Pete plays Lemma, a first-person parkour game. First of all, go help out developer Evan Todd on Kickstarter. It’s the last day for Lemma on Kickstarter so hurry up. Otherwise, check out the demo and take a look at the official website.

Indie Taste Test- ‘Zenzizenzic’

[youtube] Hey Everyone! it’s Monday and that means it is time for another Indie Taste Test! This week we have the currently-in-beta ‘Zenzizenzic’ from Ruud Koorevaar. ‘Zenzizenzic’ is a dual-stick shoot-em-up with some cool art and sound direction. You can download the beta from the website and vote for the game on Steam Greenlight. Enjoy!

Indie Taste Test: ‘Intake’

[youtube] Welcome to Friday it’s another Indie Taste Test with your host Petey AM. Petey tries out ‘Intake’ from developer Cipher Prime. ‘Intake’ will be available on Steam on November 5th. Stay tuned for our review going up next week. Until then check out the ‘Intake’ web page to learn more.

Indie Taste Test: ‘Black Ice’

[youtube] Hello once again and welcome to the third week of Indie Taste Testing! This week Petey tries out ‘Black Ice’, a first person hacker game with RPG elements. You can find the beta for yourself over at Indie DB. It’s free, so enjoy freely!

Indie Taste Test: ‘Drifter’

[youtube] Welcome to the second week of Indie Taste Test, where Petey tries out an Indie Game to give you and him a taste of what it has to offer. This week Petey tries out ‘Drifter’, a space exploration game. For more on ‘Drifter’, head to the official website.