Pete Reviews- 5 Games in 5 Minutes

Baasvik is a speedrunning reviewer in this week’s Baasvik Reviews. He takes a look at some of the early in the year games he didn’t get a chance to review. Come join in on this perilous adventure. And if you like the video, make sure to Like and Subscribe.

Pony Island 5

‘Pony Island’ Review

2016 is off and running and of course I’m playing a game about ponies, the devil, and messaging systems. I really feel like this is going to be the year of the in-game instant messenger. It’s about time. This may be the only one, however, which has the IM chats be between you and demons.…


‘Fallout 4’ Review

I don’t often revisit games from my younger years. I often avoid them for a reason. It is not unlikely that in all of the years that have gone by I have become influenced by a wider-eyed version of me who found the years of 2007-2010 the most interesting in all of gaming. One of…


’80 Days’ Review

There has always been something magical about choose-your-own adventure books. My first exposure was with the “Give Yourself Goosebumps” series and I remember flipping back pages because I had died in the story. The whole choose-your-own adventure thing had gone by the wayside as media advanced. There was a small niche of video games that…