Blind Indie Taste Test: Paranautical Activity

Frank, Paul, and David Bowie venture into the wild world of Paranautical Activity.  It’s fast, loud, and full guns, monsters, ninjas, and giant spiders that explode into trillions of twinkling pixels.  Watch and be amazed!     Paranautical Activity is in Early Access on Steam and is due for final release on October 17, 2014.…

‘Destiny’ Review

If you listen to our podcast at all, you know that at one point I was skeptical of ‘Destiny’, and then bought it and remained confused by the product package. Let’s list what we’re looking at here. Sci-fi, Bungie, shooter, MMO, RPG, everything you ever dreamed of, and the best game of 2014 award it…

Indie Taste Test- ‘Zenzizenzic’

[youtube] Hey Everyone! it’s Monday and that means it is time for another Indie Taste Test! This week we have the currently-in-beta ‘Zenzizenzic’ from Ruud Koorevaar. ‘Zenzizenzic’ is a dual-stick shoot-em-up with some cool art and sound direction. You can download the beta from the website and vote for the game on Steam Greenlight. Enjoy!

Cool Trailer: ‘Gimbal’

‘Gimbal’ is a super-fun online shooter with customizable ships. Build your ideal wrecking machine and… um, wreck in massive space wars. The game is straight-forward and offers a variety of game modes, but truly shines in the multitude of possible ship builds. You can learn more at Gimbal’s Official Website.