Pete Reviews- Uncharted 4

Baasvik is back for the cinematic thriller Uncharted 4.  He belittles the characters, talks about the death of big-budget thrillers, and tells you why Uncharted is important all from the comfort of his couch.

Let’s Play Baldur’s Gate: Episode 3

Frank and Anthony return to lead the party to the Friendly Arm’s Inn.  Along their perilous path they meet all kinds of new friends, a couple of which decide to join their party!  There’s all kinds of crazy, including a red wizard and a gaping maw into the depths of hell! Woohoo!

Indie Taste Test- ‘Castle’

[youtube]   Pete and Frank sit down with Castle and the fun doesn’t end when the fat lady sings. The fun just keeps going. Also, Frank Castle is the Punisher. Check out ‘Castle’ on Desura or get it from the ‘Castle’ Official Website! Then, if you like it, vote for it on Steam Greenlight. Check back Monday…

Indie Taste Test: ‘Intake’

[youtube] Welcome to Friday it’s another Indie Taste Test with your host Petey AM. Petey tries out ‘Intake’ from developer Cipher Prime. ‘Intake’ will be available on Steam on November 5th. Stay tuned for our review going up next week. Until then check out the ‘Intake’ web page to learn more.