Mandate Radio: Ep. 148 (8/3/16)

  Mandate Radio: Ep. 148 (8/3/16) Happy Wednesday everyone! and welcome to another week of Mandate Radio. Pete and Fitz are at the reigns with Frank out sick. The guys chat Radiohead, Montreal, and dig into Frank’s days of Raconteuring. Then, in the games section of the podcast, Pete and Fitz talk about Keep Talking…

Baasvik Reviews QC

Pete Reviews- Quadrilateral Cowboy

Baasvik is back after a mental hiatus to bely you with a review on a hacking game from Blendo Games called Quadrilateral Cowboy. Typical self-deprecation and skits are here. As well as wonderfully thought-out improvised dialogue.


Mandate Radio: Ep. 147 (7/27/2016)

  Mandate Radio: Ep. 147 (7/27/2016) Happy Wednesday and welcome to Mandate Radio! This week the guys talk about VR, Pathfinder, Dota 2 Battle Cup, and Darkest Dungeon (Pete is obsessed, revised review forthcoming). Next, in Frank’s Fabulous Finds, Frank shares links to a site that lets you explore the rainforest, a webapp that uses…


Mandate Radio: Ep. 146 (7/20/2016)

  Mandate Radio: Ep. 146 (7/20/2016) Happy Wednesday everybody and welcome to Mandate Radio! Sorry the puttcast is going up a day late. I had to celebrate a very special day with a certain somebody named Charlie. This week, Pete talks Inside and Furi while Frank and Fitz sit dumbfounded, wondering about why the goo…

Pokemon GO

Mandate Radio: Ep. 145 (7/13/2016)

  Mandate Radio: Ep. 145 (7/13/2016) Happy Wednesday and welcome to Mandate Radio! This week, the guys talk Morrowind, Grow Home, Pokemon GO, Divinity: Original Sin, Darkest Dungeon, and Inside. Also, Dota and its power to both lift and break spirits. Then, in Frank’s Fabulous Finds, Frank shares links to a tool that will build…


Mandate Radio: Ep. 144 (7/6/2016)

  Mandate Radio: Ep. 144 (7/6/2016) Happy Wednesday! Frank is back and living da dream on this week’s Mandate Radio!  This week, the guys talk about NBA 2K16, Contradiction: Spot the Liar, and Oxenfree. Then, in Frank’s Fabulous Finds, Frank shares links to a real time lightning tracker, a URL shortener that makes your URLs…

TW Warhammer

Mandate Radio: Ep. 143 (6/29/16)

  Mandate Radio: Ep. 143 (6/29/16) Happy Wednesday Everyone! Pete and Fitz are all alone this week as Frank fulfills dark obligations that should be unspoken. So, in lieu of Frank, Pete and Fitz talk about games, politics, weddings, and more games! Fitzy starts off by bringing us some talk about ‘Total War: Warhammer’ and…